Fucker Thompson: dating investigations

Are you tired of dating sites, where any woman better than 3/5 becomes a is a cheater? It begins to seem that if a chick sometimes washes her head she is already half a whore? On the dating sites so it is, bro. There are even such sites where a woman shoots a video in which she shows all her abilities...

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17. No experience, enthusiasm only!

The girl wants a saddle (yes, like for the races) for $1000! I'm ready to bet that even without a saddle I will get along with such a cheerful girl. Besides I have a saddle as old as the Grand Canyon lying somewhere in the basement. With my autograph it can cost more than $1000!

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24. Big microphones is my love

She wants a waterproof microphone as a gift ... I'm even afraid to imagine what she is going to do with it. Well, this "gift" is always with me. And under water it works just as well as in the mountains and even in space (the last has not yet been tested :D )

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32. Jump to my bed, sweetie!

The girl is like straight from Ferrari stables (except for hair pimp tuning with bituminous varnish). She obviously does not know English. As a gift, she wants "beads" for $50 ... A purely made-for-bed person with excellent skin and no inbed conversations.
Perhaps I'll buy these beads for $300 for her... I'll feel like Hugh Hefner, it's inexpensive

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16. The back door for a cat ... And what if a tiger enters it?

She wiped off a dust from her face, moisten lips with a lipstick and asked for a single ticket to some mossy museum for $400. Well, definitely need to be punished! After meeting with me she will not think about her dusty statues and stuffed dinosaurs. Well, maybe only about a stuffed mammoth and his huge tusk.


28. I loved my grandmother so much

And do not laugh, no perverted allusions. Granny, before she left us, was ill for a long time, and one day she breathed heavily, groaned and closed her eyes too ... And so she did not open them later ... (a rare male tear rolls down my unshaven cheek) ... In general it is forbidden to frighten people like this stupid girl on video, otherwise they can strike you with a defibrillator for the best of reason

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10. A fire girl... Straight from Ibiza!

Those eyes, ah, those eyes! I remember a fun we had in Ibiza with her. Or not with her, but it was exactly the case in Ibiza. In general these deep-water eyes gave my thoughts direction for summer, sea and sun. As a gift, he wants a ticket to the amusement park. Well, how can I refuse?

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52. I do not look down on women

But some bastard who put the camera in the shower of the hotel is even looking. Well, looked before. Until he broke his legs with help of hands. And hands remained unbroken to be able to give me a pair of flash drives with his small collection.

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30. You woke up in someone else's body? Don't show your confusion

As a gift she wants a banal handbag for $120, but this is not the main thing. She obviously lent someone else's body somehow for filming. And it even excites in its own way: a normal mature babe finds boobs on her chest and this happened to her for the first time as we see. And then the chapter continues ... And gradually everything normalizes but you still can not hide the surprise


7. Strawberry and sperm are good for the skin

And here's an interesting person. We can see a healthy girl grew up on pure natural food. No shame and lust in her eyes. Such a look can only belong to a merry peasants not spoiled by urban vices.
As a gift she wants a tree in a tub. The tree, Karl! I am away for shovel... ;)


37. Just a blonde

Well, a very trivial case. Blonde. Handbag. Vibrator. For fans of all the standard ... And why does this fucking IKEA table is in my room? (The table flies out of the window)


3. Busty blonde tries to hang out...

Blonde Bianca assures us that she has a boyfriend, but while he is away she is ready to start all hard. And she wants for this Cartier watch for $750.
Besides her thirst for expensive watches there is nothing to talk about. No, no, she is pretty good, but the passion in her is like in the North Atlantic salmon.
And so it is possible to meet her and present a fake Cartier for $20 and with pleasure punish for greed and deceit. This is a fair division of the requested money: 20 for her, because there were no efforts for more. And $730 to me for wisdom and honesty.


37. Just a blonde

Well, a very trivial case. Blonde. Handbag. Vibrator. For fans of all the standard ... And why does this fucking IKEA table is in my room? (The table flies out of the window)

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58. Flexy-sexy in office

Again, we are pleased with a yoga lover, and now she is also the owner of an ancient artifact from Mexico. I'll tell you a secret, she's that shit. Regularly enjoys the dominant sexual power of one charming pensioner and at the same time promises to bring flowers to the gravestone when he dies.

58. Flexy-sexy in office
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57. Facepalm

And why is old Fucker cocksucks everyone. Well, in this case there are two reasons: 1. Wishlist on one and a half pages, 2. Well, it really sometimes seems that she has lost something inside herself and at first tries to get something out of it. And when she does not get it, she decides to just push it deeper with help of vibrator.

57. Facepalm
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