Fucker Thompson: dating investigations

Are you tired of dating sites, where any woman better than 3/5 becomes a is a cheater? It begins to seem that if a chick sometimes washes her head she is already half a whore? On the dating sites so it is, bro. There are even such sites where a woman shoots a video in which she shows all her abilities...

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52. I do not look down on women

But some bastard who put the camera in the shower of the hotel is even looking. Well, looked before. Until he broke his legs with help of hands. And hands remained unbroken to be able to give me a pair of flash drives with his small collection.

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11. No need to be clever with body like this!

At first I was very disappointed looking for a poor girl who tried to remember what to say when you are dressed as a cheer leader. But then I realized that everything is harmonious here ... The fan-girls should be stupid as a vibrator and with an amazing body. As a gift she wants cosmetics for $120. Well, why not? She will not have to talk a lot while having a lipstick on lips and my dick between them...


54. Follow the white rabbit

In general, the white rabbit is clearly trying to get rid of all these chicken with their LV and Cartier. And with sadness he looks back at us, at the audience, as if asking the question: do you want to stay here?


7. Strawberry and sperm are good for the skin

And here's an interesting person. We can see a healthy girl grew up on pure natural food. No shame and lust in her eyes. Such a look can only belong to a merry peasants not spoiled by urban vices. As a gift she wants a tree in a tub. The tree, Karl! I am away for shovel... ;)

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72. Little Red Cap turns to the Snow White

Our well known girlfriend Little Red Cap. Now he wants a Snow White costume as a present. The poor girl probably does not understand that if you wear a Little Red Cap costume without Cap and a basket, you will become a Snow White.

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70. Sincere masturbation

Look at her. If this is an actor's game, then this is the highest ball. And the most important bonus: she can go on dates with only 2 men at once. Gift - earrings for $ 300. One ring from each. Not exactly my format, but someone can like.

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35. Masturbation examination

Super girl! As a gift she wants a sewing machine. One step to a to a perfection. She could have ordered a food processor or a frying pan and would have definitely have a jackpot. But voices behind the scenes make me nervous... Whether there is a lot of people or it's time to finish with too concentrated orange juice ;)


17. No experience, enthusiasm only!

The girl wants a saddle (yes, like for the races) for $1000! I'm ready to bet that even without a saddle I will get along with such a cheerful girl. Besides I have a saddle as old as the Grand Canyon lying somewhere in the basement. With my autograph it can cost more than $1000!


28. I loved my grandmother so much

And do not laugh, no perverted allusions. Granny, before she left us, was ill for a long time, and one day she breathed heavily, groaned and closed her eyes too ... And so she did not open them later ... (a rare male tear rolls down my unshaven cheek) ... In general it is forbidden to frighten people like this stupid girl on video, otherwise they can strike you with a defibrillator for the best of reason

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15. Big tits are looking for a secretary job

That's right in time! I was just thinking of starting with memoirs. But typing by myself is a risk of getting a tunnel syndrome, or whatever that crap is called... And then I see such a boobs and as a gift they want... Oh, I mean the chick wants some kind of business clutch for $150... In general, the tunnel syndrome I will still have. I mean I have a good train for her tunnel :D

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25. Chick finds a slit

Excellent performance for a bedtime. The main focus was on the underwear, but no, it did not work. As a gift she wants something not necessary. I think it is better to follow the example of the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow and ask for something you really need... For example, a bit of SENSE!

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31. Back in future again

Well, here's another cassette from the old box was digitized. VHS with British color and warm tube video. I'll have to look through the bins. May be I will find more of grandpa's porno, on celluloid


4. Vegetables are good for health!

Anita from Eastern Europe begins to entice us by buying a garnish for herself. And although the idea with cucumbers is clearly older than the invention of writing, but still there is some surprise in this chick. And she wants on the first date only a bouquet of white roses for $50. In general, for this modesty I'm ready even to skip small boobs. And even more than once.

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1. Happy to put something tropical inside...

Natasha from Ukraine is fond of hot countries and bags of famous brands. She wants to get a $500 Louis Vuitton's handbag on the first date. She looks pretty and skillful. But on such a chick this is my entire possible budget. For $500 I'd rather spend time with her in the bridal suite with champagne than spend it on the bag. But if no money left I would have to make a real testing on the back seat of my Cadillac.

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8. Too much used, am I right?

Well, a real slut. As a gift, he wants a certificate for $100 from a plastic surgery clinic. Tries to save money and increase boobs. Or to reduce something. And then, if you look closely, it is clear that she keeps a huge dildo not with passion, but she simply afraid that it will fall inside and be lost

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8. Too much used, am I right?

Well, a real slut. As a gift, he wants a certificate for $100 from a plastic surgery clinic. Tries to save money and increase boobs. Or to reduce something. And then, if you look closely, it is clear that she keeps a huge dildo not with passion, but she simply afraid that it will fall inside and be lost

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49. Great wool

Super beauty (in fact, no). As a gift, she wants not much more, but fur. Though not a fur coat, but a jacket, but for $ 900. In general, she does not need a fur coat. Her own fur is in excess.

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16. The back door for a cat ... And what if a tiger enters it?

She wiped off a dust from her face, moisten lips with a lipstick and asked for a single ticket to some mossy museum for $400. Well, definitely need to be punished! After meeting with me she will not think about her dusty statues and stuffed dinosaurs. Well, maybe only about a stuffed mammoth and his huge tusk.

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62. Rodeo with a secret

And here is our old girlfriend, a lover of cylindrical vegetables. After our meeting she set a new level for herself in toys. Now this is a well-known "horse". And, I tell you, small tits have their advantages. For example, for increased endurance ;)

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13. Less words more action!

Kind of person I like a lot! No doubt that she works in bed like a sewing machine. As a gift she wants Nike sneakers for $100. Well done, let's train. Besides she can pump her boobs a little. Will my old heart bear such a load? Of course yes! It's like a horse's one. And she can ride me :)


37. Just a blonde

Well, a very trivial case. Blonde. Handbag. Vibrator. For fans of all the standard ... And why does this fucking IKEA table is in my room? (The table flies out of the window)

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10. A fire girl... Straight from Ibiza!

Those eyes, ah, those eyes! I remember a fun we had in Ibiza with her. Or not with her, but it was exactly the case in Ibiza. In general these deep-water eyes gave my thoughts direction for summer, sea and sun. As a gift, he wants a ticket to the amusement park. Well, how can I refuse?


42. Lovly retro porn (VHS)

And again a video from the grandfather's chest. Words are powerless here. If you want to know what Little Fucker felt when he first came to a prostitute at a young age, then look and be impressed.

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14. The dream of a lustful elderling

The old people are running around such a girls all the time. On the other side a serious middle-aged man like me. I'm not running anywhere. I just go to the basement, take the stale costume of the Big Bad W (this is for me), as well as the costume of the Little Red Riding Hood (this is what she wants as a gift) and act as I need to with no hurry. And I'm not about eating old women and pies.

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81. Positive Masturbation

A great bode. As a gift she wants a certificate for the jump with a parachute. Something tells me that a meeting with me will bring so much thrill to this little girl that such nonsense as skydiving will not interest her anymore.

81. Positive Masturbation
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80. Rad hat on redhed

Also a familiar face (and tits). Now the Christmas application. As a gift she wants a bottle of champagne for $100. It's a pity that the application is old and Christmas has already passed.

80. Rad hat on redhed
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